Edna Knoop (Brueske)

Sandi Powell wrote:

I’d like to know more about my great-grand-mother, Edna Knoop (Brueske) and her family.   Her parents etc and her children etc.  She herself had no siblings.



  1. Marc Knoop says:

    Sandi also wrote:

    Hello all! I’m looking for one William Andre Schulz (Schultz?). He would have been the son of Nelda Brueske and Andre’ Schulz. Nelda would have been the daughter of Edna Knoop (she’s so beautiful!) and William Brueske.

    I don’t suspect that he’s still alive, but perhaps there are decedents. I have a photo of him on a new years card. And, a photo of his mother, Nelda and his uncle (my grandpa) Wilber Brueske.

    Those poor kids. As I understand it their father William Brueske was a very brutal man. I often wonder if he had something to do with Edna Knoop’s death. Then poor Nelda married this Andre’ Schulz! He must have been the devil himself.

    My grandpa, Wilber Brueske grew up pretty good. But there was a lot of violence and psychological incidents in his life that he carried with him almost until the day he died.

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of scanning these photo’s before writing this but, I didn’t.

    Sandi Powell (Brueske, Knoop, Haase, Voelker, Marvin, Mankowsky),

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